A Valentine: Do You Know How Beautiful You Are?

It had been a whirlwind of a day, long and busy, but I made it to my art class a bit ahead of time. Still, everyone else had already gathered in the next room. I could hear them talking and laughing, and as I took off my coat, I paused, struck by the unique tone of each voice. They were all speaking, all laughing in a lovely symphony. And just as I’ve sometimes picked out the sounds of specific instruments in a symphony, I could pick out each one of my friends’ voices. I knew exactly who was commenting, who was agreeing, who was questioning, who was groaning, who was chuckling. I wondered if they knew how beautiful each of their voices was. And how beautiful they sounded in conversation together.

Do you know how uniquely beautiful you are?

You are a poem.

You are a symphony.

You are a tree growing through the changes of each season.

You are seasons.

You are the path someone follows.

You are the footsteps.

You are a freshet, a river, an ocean.

You are tidal.

You are a story, an epic adventure.

You are a gatehouse, a shelter, an archive.

You are a garden,

a sculpture,

a masterpiece,

a drama,

a comedy,

a hope,

a treasure.

You are a miracle, the grandest of magic.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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